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Moo Bong Ri Korean restaurant is your one-stop destination for authentic Korean food. From soon dae guk to Korean BBQ, we offer a variety of heartwarming soups and dishes made with premium pork and intestines. Our pork is raised in Canada using the traditional Japanese method and can only be exported to Japan. This makes the pork served at Moo Bong Ri Duluth one-of-a-kind! Additionally, our intestines are fresh and imported under strict refrigerated status. If you’re looking to enjoy the flavors of Korean cuisine in Georgia, look no further than Moo Bong Ri Korean restaurant!

Taste of Authentic K-foods

For a taste of authentic Soondaeguk, our traditional preparation method is free of edible plastic wrap, ensuring a pure and natural flavor profile that highlights the savory aroma of our broth. Boiled for 14 hours, our broth is the secret to the clean, delicious taste that sets our Soondaeguk apart.

Premium MugiFuji Pork

Premium MugiFuji Pork

Experience the exquisite taste of Mugi Fuji pork belly at Moo Bong Ri, where Japanese-style rearing is used to ensure the highest quality of meat. Our pork is raised in Canada’s clean environment and fed only with barley, and exported exclusively to Japan, making it a rare treat for our diners.
Gopchang & Daechang

Freshness & Quality

At Moo Bong Ri, we don’t marinate our gopchang (beef intestines) and daechang (beef tripe) to mask any unpleasant odors. Our ingredients are fresh and have a very short shelf life, ensuring a clean and nutty taste that’s truly special.

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